Changing news: a diachronic study of spoken australian english in broadcast speech

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Auteur(s) : PRICE jennifer
Monash University
Résumé Abstract : If language is a marker of national identity, Australians should hear their own accent reflected in the media. This sociophonetic study examines the movement away from the Received Pronunciation (RP) / ‘Cultivated’ Australian norm of the 1930s. A real time analysis, using re-recordings of news broadcast material going back to 1951, was carried out on the speech of 22 male and female newsreaders. Auditory impressions of gradual change towards the ‘General’ Australian accent were confirmed using acoustic analysis. Results of a pilot study reveal clear changes to the monophthongal vowel space, away from an RP/Cultivated Australian norm in the direction of those reported for the wider community.
Mots-clés Keywords : Australian English, newsreading, language change

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