Negotiation of meaning though cmc: pedagogical perspectives for efl university learners

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Auteur(s) : HALFAOUI soraya
UniversitÚ d' ORAN
Résumé This paper considers how the use of Web-based communication tools such as Synchronous Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) fulfil the needs of contemporary education that sees language as interactive and discursive. The starting point is the state of the art of the communicative environments of EFL contexts at the university level, in our case Algeria, which suffers an acute lack of genuine communication and limited opportunities for authentic interaction. The view that we advocate here supports the idea that CMC may prove to offer potential benefits for the enhancement of the communicative competences of EFL learners and then presents effective pedagogical perspectives thanks to the numerous aspects of collaboration and negotiation of meaning that it involves. CMC stands as a good compromise between authentic language use and the learning classroom environment
Mots-clés TELL, SLA, E-learning, constructiuvist learning

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